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Random Thoughts.....

A journal of a completely random gamer

Thomas Masterson
18 August 1978
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I am Thomas J. Masterson.I am also known as Random Proxy at a few forums on the web and on Xbox Live. I'm known as gunbladewarrior on PSN. I was born in Cleveland,Ohio but I live in Wadmalaw Island,SC. I am currently a 2nd shift mall janitor. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I am fan of the anime shows Hellsing,Ergo Proxy,Black Lagoon,and Death Note. I think anime is wicked cool. Wicked cool is a phrase I like to use a LOT. I like to listen to rock music. I like classic rock as much as I like some of the current rock. I hate Hinder, Fall Out Boy,and Panic at The Disco! ( one of the lamest band names ever!). I think a lot of today's pop music is crap but I have no problem knowing people who like that sort of music. You just won't see it discussed here. I am aware that people like different types of music and there is nothing wrong about that.I hope to learn how to play guitar and drums someday. I have some ideas for band names. I am not going to be a rock band for the money but for the fun of playing rock music. I wouldn't mind having groupies. I like to play sports,RPG,racing,Survival Horror,and fighting video games. I have been a gamer for most of my life. There is nothing like a good video game to cure boredom. I am a huge fan of the survival horror,RPG,Sports,Fighting,and Racing genres of games. I am also addicted to Guitar Hero. I have a PSP, a Xbox 360 and a PS3. I would consider myself a random guy. I can be a bit odd sometimes so expect me to occasionally post pic spam,surveys,song lyrics,and other randomness. Yes,I'm a guy yet a lot of the icons I use are of women. That's just one of the many odd things about me. I hope you enjoy reading this journal of randomness.^.^

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achievements, aeris, aerith, akira yamaoka, alexander anderson, alucard, anime, appleseed, appleseed:ex machina, aya brea "boob action", badass drum solos, being random, black lagoon, black stone cherry, blazblue, blood+, blood:the last vampire, briareos, british accents on women, bungie, burnout, charlotte bobcats, chow yun-fat, chris redfield, chuck greene, cloud strife, cole mcgrath, commander shepard, dante, dead rising, dead space, death note, deunan, devil may cry, dollhouse, dr.remy"thirteen"hadley, dualshock 3, echo, eileen galvin, elena fisher, ergo proxy, family guy, fargo, final fantasy, firefly, foo fighters, frank west, fringe, g'n'r, game room, gamefly, garrus, giant bomb, giant bombcast, gimp, great cleaver, great knives, gta, gunblades, halo, harkkonen, heather mason, helghast, hellsing, henry townshend, hideo kojima, hot fuzz, house, infamous, integra, james sunderland, jeff "joker" moreau, jennifer hale, joanna dark, john woo, kate beckinsale, killzone, killzone 2, kratos, lady, led zeppelin, liara t'soni, littlebigplanet, mass effect, master chief, milla jovovich, miranda, mortal kombat, movies, nathan drake, nba live, ncis, need for speed, nero, nin, noble rose, odst, olivia wilde, parasite eve, pauley parrette, perfect dark zero, pino, playstation 3, playstation home, playstation portable, pop tarts, ps2, pulp fiction, pyramid head, qotsa, randomness, raul creed, re-l mayer, reiko hinomoto, resident evil, revolver ocelot, revy, rock band, rock music, rowdy reiko, rumble roses xx, sam fisher, samuel l. jackson, sephiroth, seras victoria, serenity, sheva alomar, silent hill, sixaxis, solid snake, splinter cell, steve buscemi, sully, thane, the matrix, the sims 2, travis grady, uncharted, vampires, vanilla coke, velvet revolver, video games, vincent law, wipeout, wrex, xbox 360, xbox live, zack fair