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A Update on My Life.

September 8th, 2014 (08:28 pm)

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I keep wanting to type out this post the past few weeks but It has been tough for me to figure out what to say in this entry. I usually have no problem with these entries. I guess I should get started.

I mentioned on Facebook that I have a new work schedule. It's a big change from what my old one was. I mostly work during the daytime now. It's a lot different from working nights. I had to change my sleep pattern. It wasn't as hard that I originally thought it was going to be. There are a lot more people in the mall during the day compared to during the night. In my old schedule, I was just assigned to the food court area of the mall. Now, I spot clean all around the mall. Since I don't drive, There are times when I have to leave for work a couple of hours early. It's a good thing I have a Vita to keep me occupied before I have to clock in. The best part of my new schedule is that the sun is still out when I clock out. In the early days of this page, I complained a bit about my job. Now, I am glad that I still have it.

Not complaining about my job is one of the things that is different about me compared to when I started this page. Before 2006, I never watched any anime. It was my friend Ayumi that suggested to me Hellsing and I have watched a lot of anime shows since. I swear a bit more now. There are words that I still won't say but I have no problem saying "fuck" or "shit". In games in which you create characters, I used to create only male characters. Now, I mainly create red hair female characters.My Playstation Home avatar is even a red haired woman. There's a long story about the reason I originally swapped genders in Home but I'll save it for a later time. Most video games star generic white dudes so it's good to be able to create a female character in some games like Mass Effect, Skyrim, and FFXIV. Also, Red haired women are so fucking sexy! I listen to a lot of video game and movie scores now. I'm not the same person I was when I started this page. I have a more positive outlook on my life. I made some mistakes but I'm not the type that spends a lot of time in my thoughts getting depressed about those mistakes anymore. We all make mistakes. You have to acknowledge them and think of ways to avoid making them again. Just don't spend too much time thinking about your mistakes.

Ok. I think that's enough for now. It's good to finally type out this update. I started a new blog for my video game related topics. Check it out:


I'll post a new entry in that later this week. This page for non gaming things and other randomness.

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Thoughts on Anime, Horror Games, and Other Things

July 21st, 2014 (11:42 am)

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The process of giving this page a much needed update is going along nicely. As you can tell from the this post and the previous one, I have changed around my icons. This icon is of Mitsuru from the movie Persona 3: Spring of Birth. It was made for me by my good friend Jessica. Friday's icon was a Cactar icon I found on the official Final Fantasy XIV website. I think the only thing left to do for this page is to update the bio on my profile. I haven't done it yet since I find it hard sometimes to write a interesting bio about myself. I'm not the most interesting person in the world so it's hard to type up something to let people know who I am. I also might change my username to gunbladeproxy here like I am on other sites.

I have had a Crunchyroll account for a few months and I have watched a lot of anime. Crunchyroll is a anime streaming service that lets you watch the latest anime from Japan on phones, PC,and consoles. I could fill a entire entry on all of the shows I have watched but I will just focus on the most recent anime I have been watching. The Summer anime started a couple of weeks ago. My favorite show of the new season so far is Persona 4 the Golden Animation. It's based on the Playstation Vita game, Persona 4 Golden. P4G is the updated version of the original Persona 4 which was on the PS2. Unlike the previous anime based on Persona 4, P4GA is not a full retelling of the story. It's set in New Game + and it's focused on the new character, Marie. There is a scene in the first episode in which Yu Narukami's Persona, Izanagi, attacks a lot of Shadows using attacks that a low level Persona would not know in the early parts of the game. This show also skips a lot of the game's plot. If you have no knowledge of Persona 4, You would be unaware that Yu and his friends are trying to solve a mystery around a series of murders. P4GA is definitely for those who have played Persona 4 or watched the previous anime about the game. The other show of the new season is Sabagebu! Survival Game Club. It's about a high school girl named Momoka Sonokawa who joins her new school's strangest club. The Survival Game Club is a group of girls who play survival games with BB guns. Every episode is full of crazy situations and gun battles. I find it hard to describe this anime but I think it's amazing. This is the show I would recommend to people since P4GA is a show for P4 fans only. I still have to check out Sailor Moon Crystal. I know nothing about Sailor Moon but a lot of people are talking about it on my Twitter feed. I might also check out a couple more of the new shows.

If you are a longtime reader of this LJ, You know that I'm a fan of the Survival Horror genre of games. Yesterday was kinda full of horror games. It was storming a bit where I live so my internet connection was going on and off. This had ruined my plans for a night full of FFXIV or DOA5. Instead, I continued my game of Dead Space 3 that I started a couple of weeks ago. It's one of this month's free Playstation Plus games. I have played the first Dead Space but got stuck at one part of it. Dead Space 3 is more of a action based horror game similar to Resident Evil 5. Since my net connection was not the most reliable at the time, I was playing this by myself. There is online co-op in this game that I haven't tried yet. This game relies on jump scares but the game play is decent. I took a brief break from the game to get something to eat and check the internet. When I checked Facebook, Jessica posted something about the first 2 Fatal Frame games on PSN for $3.99 each on Amazon. I have heard of this series before but never played them. I bought both games on Amazon and jotted down the PSN codes on some paper. It took a while but I was able to enter the codes. After entering the codes and starting the download, I went back to playing Dead Space 3. At this time, It was dark , raining ,and thundering. I was playing DS3 in a room with the lights off while downloading both Fatal Frame games. After dying to regenerating Necromorphs a lot, I checked on the download progress of my games. I noticed that DS3 is one of those games that pauses background downloads. I immediately stopped playing that game and started playing Dino Crisis. It's a Playstation survival horror game made by Capcom that I recently bought from PSN for only $0.99. The best way to describe this game is that it's Resident Evil with dinosaurs instead. At this point, The weather outside had calmed down a bit. I played Dino Crisis for about 40 minutes and went to bed. I left my PS3 on so the download of the Fatal Frame games would continue. I haven't started them yet since I like to play horror games in a dark room at night. I will obviously post about them at a later date.

That's what I have been up to lately. I was planning to also rant a bit about The 3rd Birthday but this entry is already getting a bit long. It is less than a month to my birthday and I am not depressed about it like I usually am at this point every year. I guess I am not worrying about a lot of things like I used to. There are still things that I haven't accomplished yet but I still have time to do those things. It's good that I am using this again. It's good to just jot down things.

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Final Fantasy Friday: A Blog Series Reborn

July 18th, 2014 (11:06 am)

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A Phoenix Down has been tossed on this old blog series of mine and it's alive again. In the Final Fantasy Friday series, I discuss a lot of various FF related topics. This particular entry will be about the most recent game in the Final Fantasy series I have been playing.

Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn is a MMO but I am actually enjoying it. Before FFXIV, The only MMO I have played was DC Universe Online. FFXIV is not that different from what I know about other MMOs. You get a quest from a quest giver which usually involves killing a certain number of monsters. The monsters drop a item that you pick up and return to the quest giver. The quest giver rewards you with experience points and some of the game's currency. The currency in FFXIV is Gil which has been one of the things that make this a Final Fantasy game. Chocobos and air ships are other FF things that are in FFXIV. I haven't run into a guy named Cid yet but I haven't explored every part of the world of Eorzea yet.

Eorzea is the name of the world that FFXIV takes place in. Five years before the start of this game, A great calamity occurred which wiped out Eorzea's legendary heroes known as the Warriors of Light. The world is being rebuilt but new threats are emerging in Eorzea. The Garlean Empire is readying another attempt to take over the world. Also, Fierce monsters known as Primals have awakened. Eorzea has 3 City States which are the starting points for your character in the game. They are Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, and Gridania. The starting point of your character is based on what Class you choose to start as. As a Gladiator, My character started in Ul'dah. My character is a female Miqo'te named Aya Mayer. Miqo'te are the cat like race in FFXIV. There are also the human like Hyur, the elf like Elezen,the short Lallafell,and the large Roegadyn.

Unlike most MMOs, You can be multiple classes with the same character. I think this is a good idea. It gives you a lot to do in the game by joining the various guilds and completing the quests they have. You can join another guild when you reach level 10 of the guild that you initially join. This makes sense. It helps you create a good character and you are not bouncing between guilds right away. Changing your class is simple as switching out the weapon associated with your class. I can switch out the sword of the Gladiator for the staff of the Conjurer if I want to change my class. In addition to classes based around combat like Gladiator, There are classes solely focused on crafting like Blacksmith and Weaver. Obviously, all of the starting classes in FFXIV are combat classes and crafting classes are available to you once you reach level 10 of your starting class. Being able to craft your own items is a great idea in my opinion. There are also classes focused on gathering like Miner and Fisher. These classes can help you gather materials that you can use to craft things that you can use or sell to a merchant. It's a good idea to level up your various classes often. It gives you a bit of variety in what you are doing in the game.

Combat on the console versions of FFXIV is built around using a controller and it works. Your various actions are set as icons on a hot bars in the lower part of the screen. There are multiple levels to it which you switch between using the L1 button and a face button or direction of the D pad to switch between hot bars. You use the action by holding L2 and the face button or direction of the D pad associated with the action. Spells take time to cast so it's best to put some space between you and whatever is attacking you. If you are part of a party during a group instance, This is not really a problem since another character who is the Tank of the group has the enemy focused on him or her. My main class, Gladiator, is a Tank class and I am slowly getting used to that role.

Wow......This is turning to a wall of text already so I will continue my impressions of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for a future installment of Final Fantasy Friday. FFXIV is currently available for PC, Playstation 3,and Playstation 4. All 3 versions run on the same servers so PC players can play with people who are playing on the consoles. I have played a couple of times with a friend who has been playing on the PS4 while I am playing on PS3.

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(no subject)

July 13th, 2014 (02:19 pm)

current mood: relaxed

I'm slowly updating the look of this page. I changed a couple of the links in the Links section and made myself a new header. I was originally hoping that a good friend of mine would make me one but she told me that she no longer has Photoshop. The header you are looking at now is a Dead or Alive 5 Plus screenshot turned into a header using MS paint. I think it looks somewhat decent since it has been a while since I used MS Paint last.

I have been reading a lot of my old entries lately. I have changed a lot since I created this page in 2006. I was a Sony "fanboy" ( I still hate that word.) but I have a 360 in addition to a couple of Sony consoles. I am even planning to get a Wii U eventually. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have games that I am interested in playing. I have met a lot of interesting people here over the years. Some of these people no longer update their LJs but I still keep in touch with them through websites like Twitter, Facebook,and Tumblr. I have added my Twitter handle on the header so follow me if you have Twitter. I'm not going to post a lot like in the good old days but I will occasionally post some stuff here. I might throw a Phoenix Down on my Final Fantasy Friday series with some thoughts on the new FFXIV content or FFXIII-2 when I return to that game.

Since the last time I posted, I watched the first episode to the Persona 4 Golden anime a couple of times. I'm really enjoying it. I posted some impressions of it on my Tumblr.


You can watch it on Crunchroll. It's a great streaming service that let's you watch the latest anime releases. I am also currently enjoying JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. It's a great anime full of action. I am planning to watch a couple more of this season's new shows but I haven't decided which ones. I have also played a bit more of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate online. I am slowly getting better with Phase 4.

That's all for now. This entry is not a huge wall of text like the last one.

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(no subject)

July 10th, 2014 (01:42 pm)

current mood: productive

Not much going on but I feel like typing in here. I kinda missed the days of typing long walls of text in here. I doubt this post will be super long and I will try to make it interesting.

It definitely feels like summer here in South Carolina. There have been a couple of times when it rained for a bit but it's has been mostly sunny and hot. I'm lucky that I have a job in which I work inside. The only time I go outside during the time I work is take out the trash. My job as janitor at the Citadel Mall is not the most exciting job in the world but I'm glad that I have it. It feels good when I am able to help someone out when they need it. The current schedule I have is a good one. I have enough days off to relax.

Gaming wise, I have been playing a lot of games in a lot of different genres in the past couple of months. If you follow me on Twitter, You probably saw a few tweets about finding blow up dolls and drug packages a couple of weeks ago. I don't have either of these items in real life. I was playing Saints Row The Third again. The game was recently made free for Xbox Live Gold members. It has a auto tweeting thing that will occasionally tweet out your progress in the game. I had set it up when I had the PS3 version but can't seem to turn it off. The community site for the Saints Row games is kinda broken. I spent a lot of time completing the main story again and adding more points to my gamerscore in the process. I also bought the season pass which gives my 3 add-ons to the game. I've completed the first 2 but I'm saving the third one for later. After Saints Row The Third, I played Call of Duty Ghost for a couple of weeks. I'm not good at FPSs so I will not go into detail on how much I sucked. After Call of Duty, I got inspired to replay Parasite Eve again. Here's the forum thread that got me inspired to play the game again. The posts made by gunbladeproxy in the thread are mine.


I am at the 4th day of the game . That is currently my progress in the game. Parasite Eve is a unique game in my opinion. It's a RPG set in a modern real world setting and not a fantasy world like other games in the genre. The main character, Aya Brea, has special abilities in the game that are similar to magic spells but are not magic spells in the traditional sense. Since the game is set in a modern setting, Aya uses guns instead of swords to attack the various creatures in the game. The creatures are genetic mutations of normal animals and not mythical creatures like dragons. The cutscenes of these transformations are still amazing. Both PS1 Parasite Eve games are on the Playstation Store as PSone Classics that can be played on your PS3,PSP,or Vita. I highly recommend both Parasite Eve games.

I got distracted from playing Parasite Eve by a MMO. It's not just any MMO. It's a Final Fantasy MMO. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game set in the Final Fantasy universe. The currency in the game is Gil and your mounts are Chocobos. Like any other MMO, You accept quests from quest givers and kill a certain number of things to get experience points. Here is my character's profile in the game. I created a cat girl named Aya Mayer. It's a mash up of the names Aya Brea and Re-l Mayer.


The cool thing about this game is that you can be multiple classes without switching characters. My main class is Gladiator but I can also be a Blacksmith or a few other classes when I want to. The coolest thing is that all 3 platforms in which the game is on run on the same servers. This game is available for PC,PS3,and PS4. I have played a couple of times with a friend who is playing it on the PS4 while I have been on the PS3. There is a new patch that adds a lot of cool things but I haven't downloaded it yet. I have gone back to playing Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate again. If you have been paying attention to my Twitter or Facebook, You are aware of this. I have been uploading a ton of my DOA5U replays on my Youtube channel and screenshots to my Facebook. I have taken also posted some of these screenshots to my Virtual Photography Tumblr. I have been mainly using the newly released character, Phase 4. She's a clone of Kasumi but has a few different moves. Like the previous DLC character, I have bought the bundle that includes the character and 5 of her costumes. I am slowly improving in using Phase 4 in online matches.

I guess I better wrap this thing up before I bore you all to death. That is what I have been up to lately and I will try to type up entries in here. Twitter and Tumblr are good for short updates on things but Livejournal is good for long entries like this one. I will also try to update the look of this page. It has been years since I have played Halo Reach.

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(no subject)

February 11th, 2014 (11:20 am)

I know that I haven't posted here in LONG time but I have a good reason. My PC was not working but now it running normally.

Not a lot of stuff going on but I felt like updating this. I filed my taxes online last week so I'm waiting for my refund. I am still figuring out what to get with it. I might actually get a Wii U. When the Wii U was released, It didn't interest me at all. Now, It has some games that look interesting. I have been watching Toby Turner's lets play of Super Mario 3D World and it looks fun. ZombiU looks like a cool first person zombie game. A couple of podcasts I listen to have been talking about The Wonderful 101. I have watched a Giant Bomb quick look of it and it looks like a lot of fun. The Wonderful 101 is developed by Platinum Games,the same developers of Bayonetta. Bayonetta 2 is currently a Wii U exclusive and I want to play it. The Wii U bundle I am planning to is the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD bundle. I have never played a Zelda game and Wind Waker looks cool.

This month, I have been focusing on playing Final Fantasy games. I recently bought Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy because they were part of a big sale on PSN. I never finished FFXIII but I'm enjoying FFXIII-2. The combat feels a lot better. It's cool that the 3rd party member slot is for creatures that you capture in battle. I'll probably bring back my Final Fantasy Friday segment when I finish this game. I owned Dissida 012 Final Fantasy on UMD but you can't use UMDs on the Vita. The Dissida games are fighting games that feature Final Fantasy characters. Dissida 012 added new characters like Lightning from FFXIII, Laguna from FFVIII,and Yuna from FFX. It's a fun game. I'm probably going to play a classic FF game this month also. I have FFV, FFVII,and FFVIII on my PS3. I have never played FFV but I got it free since it was a free game for Playstation Plus members a couple of years ago. I also have the PSP version of Final Fantasy Tactics. It's in digital form so I can put it on my Vita if I want to.

I can't think of anything else to type so I will end this post. I'll try to use this more often. I might post first impressions of the Wii U when I get it.

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Update on random stuff and things.

July 30th, 2013 (12:29 pm)

Hello, Everyone! I know it has been a LONG time since I updated this thing. A friend wanted me to post something since she is getting photobombed on Tumblr. This entry is for you, Dormia (and anyone else curious about me.)!

It's summer and it's hot. I have been staying cool by sitting in my air conditioned room and sipping cool drinks. I am still a mall janitor at the Citadel Mall. It's hard to believe that I still have that job. Nothing really new to say about my job so I will continue. I have been playing a lot of games recently. I have gone back to playing Minecraft on the 360. I have been working on my Creative Mode world. The best part about Creative Mode is that you have a infinite supply of building material. I am not the most creative person in the world but I enjoy playing games like Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet. I'll post some pictures of my Creative Mode at a later date. I am still playing Rumble Roses XX. It's a simple yet fun wrestling game. I am currently ranked 75th in the online rankings. I created another character that I have been using recently. Her name is Moxxi Mayhem. I found a cool move set for her. She is currently wearing a cat suit. The next 360 game I have been playing is Assassin's Creed 2. I have beaten this game on the PS3 but It's free for Xbox Live Gold members right now. Also, It's a awesome game. I am a bit past half way through the story of the game. I like exploring the world of the AC games to collect the various collectables. I seriously doubt that I will visit Italy in real life so visiting in the game is very cool. On the PS3, I have been playing Battlefield 3 and MLB 13 The Show. I normally don't play first person shooters but Battlefield 3 is actually fun. You don't need to kill a lot of dudes to help out your team in a lot of the game modes. Also, Driving tanks or jeeps in the game rocks. I have posted a lot of MLB 13 on my Tumblr so I suggest that you check it out if you are interested.

I can't think of anything else so I will end this entry. I might try to post here more often. Tumblr is good for short entries and pictures but I like Livejournal for long entries.

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Update on this and other various social media stuff I use.

November 4th, 2012 (02:06 pm)

current mood: okay

To start off, This entry will be my last public post as it will be readable by only my friends on Livejournal in the future. I am basically going to use this page to basically rant on personal issues in my life. If you are not a friend of mine on Livejournal and still want to read these rants when I post them, Send me a friend request here. If you want to read rants on other stuff, I will basically use my Tumblr for that and the occasional re-blog of cool stuff.


This is going to be the blog for posting the various screenshots I take in games. I have posted 3 of my favorite Halo Reach screenshots to start of. I will post more of my favorites later since I haven't made any new screenshots yet.


If you want to ask me random questions, ask away on my Formspring page. Just ask creepy or super weird questions. I will just answer them with a random movie quote so you will not get the answer you want.


Be sure to also check out my Sound Shapes blog. I know that I haven't updated it while but I will fix that in the near future.


I update my Twitter a lot so that's the best place to read random tweets for me. Sometimes, I like to tweet while playing a game.


Here's my Facebook. Just send me a message to let me know who you are when you send a friend requests.

I think that basically covers every social media thing I use. I would add my Google+ but I rarely use it.

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Random LJ Post of Randomness!

September 14th, 2012 (02:18 am)

current mood: mellow

Yep, I'm actually posting in this again. The past few days I have been reading my old entries. I don't know why I decided to do so. A lot has changed since I last posted here but some things are still the same. I'm still a fan of anime,rock music,and video games. I currently own a 360,a PS3,and a Playstation Vita. If you have been reading my Tumblr, You know that I have been playing Final Fantasy VII on my Vita. In my opinion, Playing PSone classics like FFVIII on the Vita is the best way to play the game these days. I also have the first Silent Hill and Castlevania Symphony of the Night on my Vita. I am going to need to get a bigger memory stick for my Vita. I have a 8MB one and I am constantly transfering stuff to make room for any new games I get. 16MB or 32MB would be a lot better for me since I have a lot of PSP and PSone games that I wouldn't mind having on my Vita. Also, Most of my Vita games are in digital form. I will get a bigger memory stick soon.

That's all I can think of. Don't expect this to be a normal thing.

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(no subject)

February 23rd, 2011 (01:02 am)
current song: Giant Bomb - Giant Bombcast 02-22-2011 | Powered by Last.fm

It has been a while since I posted here last. The main reason is that I have been playing games. On December and January, I was playing games on the PC and PSP. Earlier this month, I got my income tax refund money so I used it to get a new 26 inch TV. I also got some new 360 games. I will focus on the main 2 I have really been enjoying.

Gamestop was selling Dead Rising 2 for only $40. Both the regular edition and the Zombrex Edition were the same price so I bought the Zombrex Edition. It comes with a artbook, a syringe shaped pen, a notepad,a band aid, and a bonus disc with a couple of videos. The game and the bonus disc come in a cool looking steelbook case. Dead Rising 2 takes place in the Vegas like Fortune City a few years after the original game. The main character of this game is a former motorcross champion named Chuck Greene. He takes part in a pay per view reality show called Terror is Reality when the zombie outbreak in Fortune City occurs. Chuck and his daughter Katey barely escape it when he gets in a shelter. Katey was bitten by her mother in Las Vegas a couple years earlier. She must have a dose of Zombrex every 24 hours or she turns into a zombie. Chuck must find Zombrex for her during the 3 days that they are stuck in Fortune City. Fortune City is alot bigger than the mall in the original Dead Rising. You can gain a lot of Prestige Points (PP) by making and using combo weapons. Combo weapons are made by combining 2 particular items in the maintenance rooms in the game. For example, You can combine a box of nails with a baseball bat to make the Spiked Bats. Flashlights and gems make the " light saber- like" Light Sword. If you want to know more about what else is new, check out my earlier entry that I mentioned the downloadable prequel Dead Rising 2: Case 0. Here's a Giant Bomb Quick Look of DR2:

The other game I have been playing a lot lately is Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Capcom characters like Ryu, Viewtiful Joe,and Wesker face off against Marvel characters like Wolverine, Doctor Doom, and Deadpool. I ordered the special edition of this game for the 360 from Amazon. Like DR2, It comes in a steelbook case. The special edition also comes with a comic book,a voucher for a free month of Marvel Digital Comics, and a voucher for Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath. These 2 characters will be available to download on March 15th. For those who just got the regular edition, each character will cost you 400 Microsoft Points on XBL and $4.99 on PSN. The special edition is only $10 more so getting the special edition is a good idea.

My main team I am using is Wolverine, X 23,and Deadpool. My secondary team is Wesker,Dante,and Trish. My third team is Hsien Ko, X 23,and Dante. You can set up 3 reserve teams so it makes selecting your team a lot quicker. I have tried a few of the character also but those are the teams I have been using. The various stages representing Marvel and Capcom are really pretty. The controls for MvC3 are a lot different than Super Street Fighter IV. These controls are a bit simpler than the controls in MvC2. I haven't won a lot of matches online in this game so far. I am going to need to practice more so I can get better.

That's all I have been up to recently. I will try to post here more often.

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